What is your mission?

To provide comprehensive support services to children, teens, and their families who are grieving the death of someone significant.

Who do you serve?

Kids ages 3-18 and their families in the greater St. Louis region.

Is there a cost for your services?

Annie’s Hope does not charge a fee for families to participate in our programs. We are supported solely through donations, sponsorships, fundraising events, third party events, and grants. Families served through the programs of Annie’s Hope are strongly encouraged to donate to the best of their ability.

Where are you located?

1333 W. Lockwood, Suite 104 in Glendale, MO 63122 in the Webster Hills United Methodist Christian Life Center building.

What programs do you offer?

We currently offer 10 programs:

  1. Family Support Groups (8-week support groups)
  2. Camp Courage and Camp Courage – Teens (4-night/5-day, overnight)
  3. Teen Retreats (weekend, overnight)
  4. Family Social Events (opportunities for fun and friendship among Annie’s Hope families – movie night, miniature golf, bowling, bingo, etc.)
  5. School Support and Education (school-based, six weekly sessions, small group of students; crisis intervention; school staff training)
  6. Hope & Healing Gathering (an evening event for any grieving family)
  7. Horizons (anticipatory grief support)
  8. Speakers Institute
  9. Community Resource Library
  10. Grief Referral Service

What happens in support groups?

Each age group has unique needs, but in general, communication is opened through artwork, games, music, puppets, writings, and talk. Here are some examples of the issues addressed and the activities that are utilized to create a safe, comfortable place to communicate:

  • Getting acquainted: making creative name tags, “get-to-know-you” games, group rules, talking stick, self-portrait.
  • Change: storytelling, collage, butterflies, and caterpillars.
  • Grief Rituals: clay work, puppet show, personal tribute, eulogy writings, diorama, balloon release.
  • Feelings: masks, feeling bag, dream catcher, emotion stations, worry doll, role playing, music, inside/out activities.
  • Caring or Support Circle: card to parents or caregiver, caring tree, pillow of love.
  • Preservation of memories: show & tell, quilt blocks, scrapbook, stepping stones, collage, clay work, videotaping.
  • Legacy: planting, poem, candle making, graffiti wall, letter writing, family tree.
  • Good-bye: self-portrait, personal/family “see-you-later”, display of artwork, linking object.

Growth Stats:

One program
Five volunteers
75 individuals served
0 employees
$4,000 budget
10 programs
500+ volunteers
Serving over 3,700 kids & adults each year
7 staff, 2 volunteer staff
$800,000 budget

How can I help Annie’s Hope serve grieving kids?

Financially: Because our services are free, we exist solely through the generosity of people who recognize that kids’ grief matters. Ways you can help include personal donations, connecting us to individuals or businesses who may have an interest in ensuring grieving kids get support, and helping with our annual fundraisers. Also, in-kind gifts and services are appreciated.

Volunteer: Get involved and give some of your time in fundraising, office support, program facilitation, Board of Directors, Young Professionals Board and more (See the volunteer application for more details). You’ll never regret it! No matter what your time and talents, we have a place for you.

Ambassador: Let others know about Annie’s Hope and send families our way.