Speakers Institute

Did you know the primary caregiver is the most crucial factor influencing a child's grief response?

Speakers Institute

Speakers Institute is a network of trained individuals who educate professionals, school personnel and the community-at-large about a variety of death, dying and grief topics.

What topics are discussed?

Areas of expertise include how to support dying children, teens and their families; children and teens who are grieving a life threatening illness of a significant person; bereaved children, teens and their families; caregivers of terminally ill children and teens; how to plan, implement & evaluate support work for grieving kids; and available resources to provide support work for grieving kids. Education may come in the form of lecture, exercises and/or “hands on” experiences relating to the grieving process: what is normal grief; how to explain death, dying and bereavement to kids; what tools can be utilized for grieving kids; what tools work best for specific age groups; what are “red flags” to watch for; should children attend funerals and if so, what should be their involvement; what services are available in the community; and how can family, friends, teachers, and the faith community help bereaved families.

Where are the seminars or workshops held?

If Annie’s Hope is sponsoring the seminar or workshop, it is held at a location of Annie’s Hope choosing, most often at the office location. Otherwise, it is scheduled at a site chosen by the requesting group.

What is the cost of attending a seminar or workshop?

The cost to providing a seminar or workshop depends on the topics chosen, length of the seminar/workshop, location of the seminar/workshop, style of the seminar/workshop, and size of the audience. Some seminars have a fee assigned to each attendee. If not, each attendee is asked to make a donation to the best of their ability.

Do you offer any extensive trainings?

Annie’s Hope also hosts a Comprehensive Grief Workshop. It is an in-house, 30-hour, comprehensive, didactic and experiential, grief training. Social workers, counselors, school staff, teachers, hospice staff, nurses, physicians, clergy, private practice therapists, etc. are welcome to attend.

How can I request a speaker or get a schedule?

For a schedule of seminars/workshops sponsored by Annie’s Hope or to request a speaker at your seminar/workshop/conference, please contact Linda Grana, Program Assistant, at 314-965-5015 or lindag@annieshope.org.

Grief Referral Service

"I have my own grief yet I worry so much about my kids. I am just overwhelmed."

Grief Referral Service

The Grief Community Referral Service is a service provided for individuals and families who would be best served through programs other than those offered by Annie’s Hope.

How does the Grief Referral Service work?

An individual contacts the office of Annie’s Hope. A brief needs assessment will be completed to evaluate if Annie’s Hope offers the programs or services most appropriate. If necessary, the individual or family will be referred to another agency that can best meet their needs.

What does it cost to use the Grief Referral Service?

There is no fee for the service. Any family that can make a contribution are encouraged to do so. All donations are gratefully accepted. Your donation amount is strictly confidential. No family is turned away because they are unable to make a donation.

How can I get a grief referral?

To use this service, please contact our office, (314)965-5015.

Community Resource Library

"Ten Good Things about Barney" opened the door for my daughter and I to talk about 10 good things about my mom."

Community Resource Library

The Community Resource Library is a lending library at Annie’s Hope, which is located at the Webster Hills United Methodist Christian Life Center. It is a peaceful, quiet, inviting place that offers grieving families, professionals, and the community-at-large materials and resources on the topics of dying, death, and bereavement.

There are more than 500 books that touch upon a variety of aspects of grief. Audio tapes and videotapes are also available. All materials can be borrowed at no cost.  There are resources for grieving children, teens and parents, resources for family and friends, as well as materials for professionals in need of information.

Some of the topics include:

grief of children grief of teens parental support of grieving children and teens
children’s picture books death of a parent death of a sibling
death of a classmate death of a grandparent death of a newborn
death of a pet masculine styles of grieving feminine styles of grieving
widows and grief death by suicide death by murder
death by HIV/AIDS feelings self-esteem
angels near-death experiences nearing-death awareness
spiritual support funerals hospice care
coping with life threatening illness work books journals
coloring pages academic publications death, dying & grief research

What does it cost to use the Community Resource Library?

There is no fee to utilize the Community Resource Library, yet financial support is needed to maintain, expand and update it. Any donation to help with the upkeep is greatly appreciated. Your donation amount is strictly confidential. No family is turned away because they are unable to make a donation.

If I want I copy of a book, can I get one from Annie’s Hope?

If you want to own a particular resource, the staff will order one for you at your expense or provide you with a website for direct ordering. Resources may be borrowed for one month with the option for renewal. Please contact Anya Duncan, Program Assistant at 314-965-5015 or anyad@annieshope.org.

The Community Resource Library is funded in part through generous contributions from The Dr. Bernard Goldstein Memorial Fund.